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What if we told you that you can change the way you see the photo galleries of Yahoo, Google, Picasa, Flickr,... with just one click? Cooliris (formerly PicLens) is a marvelous add-on for Firefox which automatically change the way you see photo-galleries, giving them a new an amazing look.

Sometimes, photo galleries are not eye-catching and you get bored when you see them, but now and thanks to Cooliris, they'll be changed with just one click.

You only have to install the add-on and the next time you'll enter a photo gallery, you'll see an icon appear on the images, just click it and you'll see how your browser turns into a marvelous photo viewer.

Don't hesitate, download Cooliris and enjoy photos in a new way.

It requires Firefox 3 or higher, if you are using Firefox 2, you'll need this version.


Now it features 3D galleries.

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